Selling on Camera: MediaGuestConnect is a Hit!


Carmen with good friend Nanci Nemeth

I was excited to make my first trip to LA. My now friend, Sandra Dee Robinson, actress and entrepreneur, had a conference and MediGuestConnect was the register sponsor. Sandra’s event, Selling on Camera, brings inspiring presenters to an audience hungry for out of the box strategies and tools that will raise their game to a whole new level.

Whether writing a book, learning to get in front of the camera, or create marketing strategy for your business, you were inspired and motivated to get moving forward.

As a premier sponsor, I had conversations with so many passionate participants looking for positive direction.  Many are now members of MediaGuestConnect!

Attending these type of events are absolutely necessary for you to learn cutting edge strategies and new techniques that will grow your business and create greater profits.

The critical part, going back to your own world and do three things:

1. Prioritize what you learned and who will do what and when

2. Decide who will do what and when they will start

3.  Do it!  and continue to work at it

If you don’t, the event becomes a pleasant distant memory where little is put into practice that WOULD HAVE supported business growth.  Choose your events based on application to your present business situation, budget and time.  When you do participate, take advantage of your precious time and money.  Listening and meeting talented people is great; taking action upon your return is what will make a lasting impact!



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