Make the Next Conference About You!

Successful Strategies for Making the Most of Your Time

By Carmen Carrozza

When was the last time you attended a conference?  Was it valuable to you or your business? The reality is only a handful of attendees truly gain the value to take back and make practical use of conferences in the real world.  For the most part, folks go through the motions and never really take back sometimes tremendous supportive tools.

My good friend and colleague, Carla Rose Fisher, recently attended a large music business conference in LA.  She visited with me on the Forward Motion Radio Program last week and talked to me about her experience.  Carla shared some great tips that help you prepare for the conference, and then make positive use of your time while attending. One of the main reasons that these well planned and expensive events do not give more folks the intended return is a lack of preparedness on the part of the attendees.

Carla has learned that you need to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with people, as well as listen to the talented speakers and trainers that perpetuate their knowledge.

  1. Check Twitter to see if there is a hash tag for conference. Connect with presenters and attendees before the event.
  2. Be distinctive, stand out from the crowd.  Wear something colorful or unusual accessories.  You’ll be remembered!
  3. Be sure to wear a jacket or have another item to leave at a premier table to save your spot at presentations and panel discussions. Also, be sure to have a convenient pocket for your business cards and those you gather.
  4. Take a look at photos or videos from previous years to get a feel for the audience that attended in the past.
  5. Take a charger into the conference with you. Find a place to plug in a lunch or on breaks.  Between texting and social media, you may miss great opportunities.
  6. We all forget more than half of what we hear.  Bring a notebook to keep copious notes of significant strategies that are pertinent to you.
  7. Don’t miss any opportunity to connect.  At breaks, when running to the rest room, say hi and start a conversation.  They are there for the same reason you are, to learn, grow and find great business partners!

So make those reservations for your next big event, and this time make it an event that is worth your time.  Need more tips?  Stay tuned here on and be sure to find us on Facebook

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