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Three Keys to Leadership in 2014

Powering Up BEFORE the New Year By Media Specialist and Business Coach Carmen Carrozza What is a leader?  Are they born or made?  I can make this a little easier.  Leadership is determined by the right person in the right … Continue reading

Fosbury Flop was Anything But!

We often get stuck doing what is expected or appropriate, and even sometimes step “Out of the box” without too much of an effect. Well back in the early sixties, the world of high jumping was turned on its proverbial … Continue reading

3 Ways to Get the Most from Your Media Exposure

 Whenever there is a guest you hear that is not recognizable on a show, what are your first thoughts?  Most of us listen, and then make a decision to keep on listening or change the channel within 10 to 30 … Continue reading

A Time to Help and Give Thanks

I can’t conceive of a giant force of wind with the power of 600 atomic bombs, swirling 200 miles an hour coming in view, never mind into my town. Watching the images of a tornado is horrifying, yet amazing to … Continue reading

3 Quick Tips to Make Your Interview Rock!

When you get that opportunity for an interview, you can get programmed into thinking every interview has the same dynamic. You feel you can use the same notes, same style, and same energy to have a great interview. Not so, my MediaGuestConnect … Continue reading

Selling on Camera: MediaGuestConnect is a Hit!

I was excited to make my first trip to LA. My now friend, Sandra Dee Robinson, actress and entrepreneur, had a conference and MediGuestConnect was the register sponsor. Sandra’s event, Selling on Camera, brings inspiring presenters to an audience hungry … Continue reading

Front and Center!

Self-promotion is so obvious that it is a term that belongs in the past.  Today, anyone who has started a business, written a book or has expertise in any area should know that they need to be front and center … Continue reading

5 Simple Ways to Move from Surviving to Thriving

Creating a Focused Plan for Success By Business Coach Carmen Carrozza Sometimes we make such a commotion about the all of the things that are holding us back.  They can be simple or complex, but the effect is always the … Continue reading

Grammy Award Presenters are Just Like You!

Little Lessons From An Old Classic by Carmen Carrozza When we watch any particular televised award ceremony, there may several reasons for it. Some of those reason are fashion driven, some are the fact that we want to see if our … Continue reading

3 Factors That Will Make Every Interview a Hit!

Success Strategies for Today’s Experts by Carmen Carrozza There are three very important groups that have skin in the game every time you do an interview:  First and always foremost, the audience, the station and host, and of course you.  … Continue reading