A Time to Help and Give Thanks

 I can’t conceive of a giant force of wind with the power of 600 atomic bombs, swirling 200 miles an hour coming in view, never mind into my town. Watching the images of a tornado is horrifying, yet amazing to watch. When the unthinkable happens to our fellow Americans, it is heartbreaking. Many lost everything they owned in an instant.

I’m sure all of us are grateful for what we have, and many would like to help them in some way. An easy one is to give to the Red Cross by visiting their site, or text REDCROSS to 90999.
It reminds me to do my best every day; increase my knowledge, touch as many people I can, appreciate my family and have some fun.
The people of Oklahoma are unbelievably vibrant. They are positive and exude perseverance. You can only be inspired by them.
A reminder to appreciate every day, stay determined to overcome every obstacle that stands between you and your dreams, and realize all that we can offer to one another.


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