5 Ways to Stand Out as a Guest

Taking the Worry Out of Appearing Livestand out

by Carmen Carrozza

There are thousands of people who become guests on radio, TV and web broadcasts every  day.  Every one of those moments is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from everyone with your expertise, even the most popular.  Many people convince themselves they can “only do so much” or cannot reach the glamorous plateau of the well known.  Follow these 5 steps and never worry about that again!

1. Be Authentic:  Learning from watching and listening to others you feel connected with is always one of the ways to help you understand how to perform in an interview.  When it comes to believability and building trust in you and your product, it has to be all you.  The key is to learn how to deliver your information as the best “on stage you”.

2. Focus Your Thoughts:   One of the elements that does a guest in–is their inability to stay on point.  It is easy to go on tangents or follow the host.  Know what you want to say, and how you want to say it.

3. Stats and Facts: Listeners love to hear statistics that confirm your points.  It gives you validity and demonstrates your commitment to your cause.  Factual information by way of a story or well known situation used to support your subject matter always give it a realistic and humanistic. feel.

4. Your Background:  It’s so important for the audience to know who you are and where you come from.  Your unique story is often much more compelling than you think, and let’s the audience gain a better understanding of why you are passionate about what you do!

5. Your Call to Action: You may do all of the other things right, yet not have given the most important information.  What is the easiest way for someone to learn more about you or gain access to you now?  Bringing it into the conversation more that once or twice is critical to your interview.

Every interview you do will most likely live on forever, and should always be used by you for promotional purposes.  So make each one valuable, informative, and an opportunity for any listener to find you!  Want to learn more?  Stay connected with us today!


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