5 Simple Ways to Move from Surviving to Thriving

5waysCreating a Focused Plan for Success

By Business Coach Carmen Carrozza

Sometimes we make such a commotion about the all of the things that are holding us back.  They can be simple or complex, but the effect is always the same; a drop in production leading to a negative hit on profits.

The reason for the stress normally leads back to one component, there is no plan in place.  A smart plan keeps you focused, builds confidence and shortens the space between an error and the solution.

Once you have your plan in place, you can move forward to your destiny, which is that which includes success, health and wealth!

Here are five simple keys to making the move from survival mode to thriving in any market!

1.  Assess – assess your day every day.  What went right today and what went wrong?  What could I and my team have done to stay true to our goals and objectives?

2.  Analyze – How could you have made improvements? What adjustments can you make tomorrow that will improve your business and life along with those of your team and clients?

3.  Keep an Eye on Your Competition.  There will always be key competitors and new ones entering the market looking to take market share from you.  Take a weekly view at what they are doing – their products, marketing, and branding so that you don’t have any surprises and you can leverage your knowledge to gain a competitive edge!

4. Communicate like a pro.  Making sure your team is on the same page as you keeps them motivated and engaged.  A strong team is one that has the most current information and feels they are each valued by the organization.

5.  Be a Change Agent.  Don’t be left at the gate every time.  With renewed confidence and trust in your vision, be at the forefront of innovation.

Dare to make changes in your life and business.  The longer you wait to make your move, the shorter the opportunity to stay in the race.

Want to learn more about leveraging your business, time and marketing to take you to the next level and beyond?  Contact me today at Carmen@carmencarrozza.com or visit us online at www.carrozzaassociates.com to discuss building the right plan for your future and family!

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