3 Quick Tips to Make Your Interview Rock!

When you get that opportunity for an interview, you can get programmed into thinking every interview has the same dynamic. You feel you can use the same notes, same style, and same energy to have a great interview. Not so, my MediaGuestConnect friends. Each host, show, and station has its own feel. And of course, often time a very different audience. What can you do to be sure your message comes across with clarity and value, especially when you have a busy schedule?  Here are three steps to take that get you prepared:Target Audience

1. Ask for the make up of the audience

2. Listen to the show, chat with the host

3. Construct your presentation to match up with the host and audience!

If you follow these steps every time, you will have interviews that are valuable today and as a podcast for years to come.  Remember, the message you want to deliver is key, it’s all about adapting to the environment you’re in!

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2 Responses to 3 Quick Tips to Make Your Interview Rock!


    Excellent advice / looking at media options

    Thank you
    Terran James

    Media Guest Connect says:

    Thanks Terran. We are here for those looking for broadcast media opportunities!