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There is no question that the most effective way to share, grow and prosper is by dramatically increasing your exposure by becoming a guest in the world of media.

Promoting yourself and your organization isn't always easy in today's fast-paced, often-chaotic world. Our goal is to get YOU noticed for opportunities to appear on:

  • Traditional, Internet and Satellite Radio
  • National, Regional and Community TV
  • Web TV and Internet Programming

We've cast a wide net of media programming professionals across the nation in every possible branch of communication to create a central database to best connect media hosts with the perfect guests for their market area and their audience.

How does it work? SIMPLE.

You don't just create a profile, you create a mini website! As an Academy Member, you can add video and audio clips, your web and social media sites, while adding your product, book or service to our own marketplace. Be sure to add whatever will help you become the GUEST OF CHOICE for media shows everywhere!

What's in it for you?

  • Great EXPOSURE from Our Social Media Channels
  • EASY, Searchable Connections
  • FREE Banner Advertising
  • FREE SEO Backlinks to Your Site
  • FREE Tips, Tools and Resources

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