Three Keys to Leadership in 2014

Powering Up BEFORE the New YearLeadership

By Media Specialist and Business Coach Carmen Carrozza

What is a leader?  Are they born or made?  I can make this a little easier.  Leadership is determined by the right person in the right situation at the right time with the right skills.

Leaders in any area, whether It be in the military, in corporate or in politics have certain skills that make them affective-and often ineffective.  Becoming a great leader is up to your own inner talent and the ability to make personal adjustments.

There are many good musicians, but only so many virtuosos.  Leadership is the same as any other endeavor; you need that something extra to stand out.

Here are three clear attributes that can help you become an outstanding leader in any industry:

  1. Communication-Obvious right?  Not as much as you think.  It’s how you communicate, how often, and what your message is.  Speaking with your team as a group is important, but speaking to them individually is more important.   Clarity and consistency in delivering information can help the team stay focused and engaged.
  2. Execution- Do what you say.  Many times, the expectation is that what the leader says is not what is going to happen.  When you execute on your plan and take an active role in the implementation, you are seen as doer rather than a sayer.
  3. Decisions-Being decisive and be sure you do it in an acceptable time frame.  It is one of the most challenging skills for any leader.  There are always two or more directions you can go.  Will it be wrong?  Is one position more popular than another?  This one will distinguish you from the rest.

I have a list of over forty attributes for leadership.  These three are always on the top of the list.  You’ll need to have the right combination of the rest of them to seal your success!

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