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Fosbury Flop was Anything But!

We often get stuck doing what is expected or appropriate, and even sometimes step “Out of the box” without too much of an effect. Well back in the early sixties, the world of high jumping was turned on its proverbial … Continue reading

3 Ways to Get the Most from Your Media Exposure

 Whenever there is a guest you hear that is not recognizable on a show, what are your first thoughts?  Most of us listen, and then make a decision to keep on listening or change the channel within 10 to 30 … Continue reading

Do You Know Why You Are in Business?

Three Steps to Staying CONNECTED to Your Purpose By Life and Business Coach Carmen Carrozza There are over 22 million businesses with a small number of employees in the U.S. today.  Another 6 million have fewer than 500 workers.  The … Continue reading