5 Ways to Stand Out as a Guest

Taking the Worry Out of Appearing Livestand out

by Carmen Carrozza

There are thousands of people who become guests on radio, TV and web broadcasts every  day.  Every one of those moments is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from everyone with your expertise, even the most popular.  Many people convince themselves they can “only do so much” or cannot reach the glamorous plateau of the well known.  Follow these 5 steps and never worry about that again!

1. Be Authentic:  Learning from watching and listening to others you feel connected with is always one of the ways to help you understand how to perform in an interview.  When it comes to believability and building trust in you and your product, it has to be all you.  The key is to learn how to deliver your information as the best “on stage you”.

2. Focus Your Thoughts:   One of the elements that does a guest in–is their inability to stay on point.  It is easy to go on tangents or follow the host.  Know what you want to say, and how you want to say it.

3. Stats and Facts: Listeners love to hear statistics that confirm your points.  It gives you validity and demonstrates your commitment to your cause.  Factual information by way of a story or well known situation used to support your subject matter always give it a realistic and humanistic. feel.

4. Your Background:  It’s so important for the audience to know who you are and where you come from.  Your unique story is often much more compelling than you think, and let’s the audience gain a better understanding of why you are passionate about what you do!

5. Your Call to Action: You may do all of the other things right, yet not have given the most important information.  What is the easiest way for someone to learn more about you or gain access to you now?  Bringing it into the conversation more that once or twice is critical to your interview.

Every interview you do will most likely live on forever, and should always be used by you for promotional purposes.  So make each one valuable, informative, and an opportunity for any listener to find you!  Want to learn more?  Stay connected with us today!


Life is What YOU Make It!

There’s Power in Following Your Dreams

by Life and Business Coach Carmen Carrozza

Mona Lisa Smile is a movie I watched recently about young ladies attending Wellesley College in the mid fifties. From what I read afterwards, the details were not exactly on target. Nonetheless, the message of the movie was one close to my heart as a coach. The character played by Julia Roberts, a professor at the school, tries to help young ladies who were predisposed to a certain lifestyle learn that they can make alternative choices.

As a coach, I find this to be a major issue with many individuals. We grow up with family, friends and teachers that influence the perception of who we are. That predisposition can lead us to make decisions that continue to perpetuate what others want us to be, rather than breaking away from that pattern. Going against what is comfortable or comes naturally is always a conflicting challenge.

Digging deep to find what you really want, who you really are takes work. When you take this life changing task on, it takes you on a journey to your authentic self. During this enlightening experience, there are many us and downs. Putting together a plan that matches your goals and taking action that moves you forward is critical.
We all deal with self doubt and many times feel we have to settle for what befalls us. Not true. Take control of your life and follow your dreams, there are no second chances.

Make the Next Conference About You!

Successful Strategies for Making the Most of Your Time

By Carmen Carrozza

When was the last time you attended a conference?  Was it valuable to you or your business? The reality is only a handful of attendees truly gain the value to take back and make practical use of conferences in the real world.  For the most part, folks go through the motions and never really take back sometimes tremendous supportive tools.

My good friend and colleague, Carla Rose Fisher, recently attended a large music business conference in LA.  She visited with me on the Forward Motion Radio Program last week and talked to me about her experience.  Carla shared some great tips that help you prepare for the conference, and then make positive use of your time while attending. One of the main reasons that these well planned and expensive events do not give more folks the intended return is a lack of preparedness on the part of the attendees.

Carla has learned that you need to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with people, as well as listen to the talented speakers and trainers that perpetuate their knowledge.

  1. Check Twitter to see if there is a hash tag for conference. Connect with presenters and attendees before the event.
  2. Be distinctive, stand out from the crowd.  Wear something colorful or unusual accessories.  You’ll be remembered!
  3. Be sure to wear a jacket or have another item to leave at a premier table to save your spot at presentations and panel discussions. Also, be sure to have a convenient pocket for your business cards and those you gather.
  4. Take a look at photos or videos from previous years to get a feel for the audience that attended in the past.
  5. Take a charger into the conference with you. Find a place to plug in a lunch or on breaks.  Between texting and social media, you may miss great opportunities.
  6. We all forget more than half of what we hear.  Bring a notebook to keep copious notes of significant strategies that are pertinent to you.
  7. Don’t miss any opportunity to connect.  At breaks, when running to the rest room, say hi and start a conversation.  They are there for the same reason you are, to learn, grow and find great business partners!

So make those reservations for your next big event, and this time make it an event that is worth your time.  Need more tips?  Stay tuned here on MediaGuestConnect.com and be sure to find us on Facebook

Three Ways the Media Can Help You Grow Your Business

If you’re like most folks in today’s business world, one of the biggest keys to growth is finding effective (and affordable) ways to advertise your brand, message and products.  It’s not always easy — and many delivery methods such as direct mail marketing or advertising can be quite costly.

Business and Life Coach Carmen Carrozza teamed up with Julie Escobar to talk about how tapping into media outlets such as radio and television stations to provide powerful CONTENT for their shows can be a boom for your business. Watch and learn – then let us know what you think!

Need more information? Visit www.MediaGuestConnect.com – and register as a new guest!  Or, simply contact us today at Team@mediaguestconnect.com.  We’re happy to get you connected and start you on the path to growing YOUR business!

Make an Impact with Charisma On Camera

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Charisma On Camera is dedicated to helping visionaries make the impact in the world that they were born to make by equipping them with the communication and on camera skills they require to be able to connect with and empower their target market.


Charisma on Camera clients learn to handle any media opportunity with ease and effectiveness. Their unique ability to identify individual strengths and hidden talents helps their clients to build unfaltering confidence. With a perfected on-camera brand and clearly focused goals our clients accelerate their path to their desired achievement.


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You’re On Air!

The Importance of Being REAL

by Business and Life Coach Carmen Carrozza

When you have an opportunity to do a radio interview, or a guest on a show of any type, have you ever felt you could have been better?  Maybe you felt the right words didn’t come out or you were trying too hard.  Whatever gave you a feeling that you missed an opportunity — take heart, we’ve all been there.

Once the camera light is on, there is a tendency to almost morph into another persona.  The “Onstage You” or flipping the switch to become what you feel will be the perfect guest.  The good news is it may work for some, but for most it is transparent to the audience.  They often feel the individual is desperate to be liked or just not ready for prime time.

There is one proven method that any expert I have discussed this with will give as a solution to this phenomenon.  Be yourself.  Be the REAL you.  It sounds like the easiest thing in the whole world.  The truth is most people feel inadequate or lack confidence in themselves — hence they morph themselves into someone they think the audience may enjoy better.  Crazy but true.

So how to get past this?  Like many other challenges in life, it takes PRACTICE.  Practicing in front of a mirror, in front of your computer camera, in front of friends and family.  Take some constructive criticism and keep improving.  There may be an idiosyncrasy or affectation to work out, we all have them.  The key is to reach the point where you find comfort in being yourself.

So get started getting the attention you deserve!  There is no one in the world like you.  Get to the REAL you and start to showcase yourself like never before!  Need help?  Call us – we’re happy to help put you on the right track to gaining national exposure!

Connecting With a “Rock Star Closer”

A Little Airtime with Ryan Stewman

by Business and Life Coach Carmen Carrozza

I recently was on the RockStarCloser.com radio program with Ryan Stewman.  He gave me a great opportunity to talk about my professional career leading me to the place I am today.

I tell it to you now, for a very important reason.  I walk the walk.  I didn’t get here easily; there were many tough decisions that affected every important part of my life.  Family, friends, money and everything in between.  As you make those hard decisions as I did, like changing careers, becoming an entrepreneur and learning many skills and tasks that were never in your tool box so to speak, can be daunting.  I started out quite lost, trying to find the right direction.

I set out into a new world with new rules with new dynamics.  I made a decision at a critical point, and that was that I needed help.  I found a great mentor in Buck Heller.  With his experience and professional expertise, he helped me rise up and shed my skin which was holding me back from becoming my authentic self.  Could I have reached this new plateau on my own?  No, that is virtually impossible.  Would I have acclimated to and harnessed some of these new insights and ideas, probably.  But not as quickly, not as succinctly and not as effectively.  As any of you know, in any business today, if you are not 110% focused and confident, the competition might eat you up.

Having someone that got me jump started and helps me the same way a baseball player feels when they are in a slump.  It may be as simple as a hand adjustment, or a psychological block that is shutting down your power.  The key is having someone that is 100% in your corner, with no subjective agenda.  They see the “total you” and your full potential.

I’m honored to have that opportunity as a business and life coach to support many in that same capacity.  Having worked with thousands of businesses, clients and staff members in my career, it is so important to stay sharp, and practice what you preach.  In my case, I have Buck and other great folks around me to share, learn and grow from.  I believe we all need that.  It is a weakness to suffer by yourself when you should have the courage to ask for help.  Life is way too short to limit yourself.  Don’t let fear, control or even ego hold you back from learning how far you can go.

If you’re ready to break out of your shell and find a new path to success, give me a call today at  888-616-COACH (2622) or click here to learn more about what coaching can do for you!

And a big thanks to Ryan Stewman for a great show!

The Power of the Media

How to Promote Your Business One-to-Many

By Business Coach and Radio Host Carmen Carrozza

With the explosion of social media, it reminded me of the most important promotional tool in the world: The media.  Radio, TV and now web broadcasting is the most important method to sell your book, display your product or market yourself.  We can go back to the days of early radio that produced some of the greatest TV figures such as Bob Hope, Jack Benny and Milton Berle.

That same methodology worked in the advent of network television.  I know I’m going way back in these comparisons, but they are relevant.  The big stars we see nightly like Jay Leno and David Letterman were working in clubs all over the country.  Their big break came when they appeared on what was then Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show.

Hundreds of talented folks gained their stardom from those types of breaks.  There were many variety shows in the sixties and seventies like Ed Sullivan, Dean Martin, and Carol Burnett that showcased new talent.

In today’s world we have American Idol, The Voice, X-Factor and the onslaught of other talent driven shows that spotlight people from all walks of life looking for that one big break.  Radio hosts have developed into full media broadcasting and many of them are now household names.

It hasn’t changed at all today.  Getting yourself, your business or your product on the media has and will always be the number one way to become seen, heard and connected to the audience, and ultimately to your customer.   Like social media – it allows you to deliver your message one-to-many as opposed to just one-to-one, which gives you the ability to leverage a larger audience in a shorter amount of time.

MediGuestConnect.com is the new community for media to meet potential guests.  If they are looking for someone like you and you’re not there, they’ll find someone else. And that can make all the difference.

New Website Puts Powerful Platform in Place to Connect Authors, Speakers, Consultants, and Experts with Media Hosts for a Win-Win

MediaGuestConnect.com is a powerful promotional site that gives guests unlimited exposure to networks, stations and programs as well as delivering the right experts for the right audiences for media hosts across North America.

Pawling, NY (PRWEB) November 12, 2012

Media Guest ConnectCreating a ‘buzz’ is vital for any smart business professional eager to get their message, brand or product to market. Media hosts often are a tremendous resource for promoting experts including speakers, authors, consultants, and celebrities in a wide spectrum of fields. It allows them to more easily spread the word through their audience bases. With so many shows now in syndication, the reach is even wider via the internet exposure.


Read full press release: http://bit.ly/SZSEdB

The Power of the Vote…

A Perspective From Life and Business Coach Carmen Carrozza

I’m from the New York area and all of you know the challenges we faced this past week with Hurricane Super-storm Sandy.  There are still over a million people still without power, over 10,000 who are homeless, 110 lives lost so far and that number may climb.  Through it all, the biggest help and support has come from the communities, not the government, not FEMA, but neighbor helping neighbor.

That is what this country is all about.  No matter what type of natural disaster or where it happens, there are great stories of heroism and just plain support from someone who has lost everything to someone in more dire need.

Given the strife many are going through, you would think the election would have dropped off the radar in terms of people’s priorities.  Not so.  As a matter of fact the people in the hardest hit areas used the power of the vote to strengthen their resolve.  Click here to read a powerful article about the turn out in New York and New Jersey despite the storm.

In the good times – and in the tough times we are a nation of people who prevail.  Who endure.  And who dig down to help one another.  It makes me proud.  What about you?