Fosbury Flop was Anything But!

We often get stuck doing what is expected or appropriate, and even sometimes step “Out of the box” without too much of an effect.

Well back in the early sixties, the world of high jumping was turned on its proverbial backside. Up until that time, the technique used in the high jump was to jump over the bar facing downward, then rolling over on your back as you landed. Over the hundred or years or so before that, jumpers used various styles that lead to the type used by almost all high jumpers up until that time.
Richard Fosbury Jumping High Bar for Olympic Record
Then came Dick Fosbury. Fosbury was in high school in Oregon, and was having a hard time breaking through as a high jumper. He tried the conventional methods and other variations, but was not where he wanted to be. He then started to experiment with a style that led him to going over the bar completely the opposite of the most used method of the time, head first, facing upwards and flinging his legs up and over to finish the jump.

Many made fun of Fosbury, even the newspapers that started to pay attention to him thought it looked like he was a fish flopping around.

Dick Fosbury kept working hard, determined to be successful. After high school he went to Oregon State University and won the NCAA title. Among other titles, he qualified for the USA Olympic team and became the high jump Olympic Champion.

Almost every high jumper since has incorporated the “Fosbury Flop” as their preferred style. He changed his sport forever, as athletes reached new heights of success.

So when you think you are too small or too new to change the world, think again. Don’t ever feel, because your idea is very different, or even seems a bit crazy to others, that it is not going to work.

Whenever you feel in your gut that your idea is possible, yet you are reluctant to move forward, remember Dick Fosbury.


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