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5 Ways to Stand Out as a Guest

Taking the Worry Out of Appearing Live by Carmen Carrozza There are thousands of people who become guests on radio, TV and web broadcasts every  day.  Every one of those moments is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from everyone with … Continue reading

Life is What YOU Make It!

There’s Power in Following Your Dreams by Life and Business Coach Carmen Carrozza Mona Lisa Smile is a movie I watched recently about young ladies attending Wellesley College in the mid fifties. From what I read afterwards, the details were … Continue reading

Connecting With a “Rock Star Closer”

A Little Airtime with Ryan Stewman by Business and Life Coach Carmen Carrozza I recently was on the radio program with Ryan Stewman.  He gave me a great opportunity to talk about my professional career leading me to the … Continue reading

The Power of the Media

How to Promote Your Business One-to-Many By Business Coach and Radio Host Carmen Carrozza With the explosion of social media, it reminded me of the most important promotional tool in the world: The media.  Radio, TV and now web broadcasting … Continue reading

Three Tips for Making Your Profile STAND OUT

By Media Host and Business Coach Carmen Carrozza Hosts, station managers, directors all have minimal time on their hands like most of us.  When they are looking for the right guest for a show, the last thing they want to … Continue reading

Finding a Guest Just Got a Whole Lot Simpler!

One Key to Putting the RIGHT People Together By Business Coach and Media Host Carmen Carrozza As a host of a radio program, I have a mission statement that uniquely defines me and my station and projects the value and … Continue reading

Three Common Mistakes That Can Sink an Interview

How to Keep the Audience Entertained and NOT Turning the Dial By Carmen Carrozza, Media Host and Business Coach Unless you are a Kardashian, Tom Cruise, Oprah or some other huge celebrity, the only way to keep an audience interested … Continue reading

Twelve Top Tips to Nail Your Media Interview

Inside Secrets From a Media Expert By Media Expert and Business Coach Carmen Carrozza Let’s face it, introducing yourself, your business or your message to mainstream media can be a little nerve wracking for some.  To help you leverage the … Continue reading

A Smooth Delivery…

The Inside Scoop on a New Site Nine Months in the Making… By Life and Business Coach Carmen Carrozza I’ve had more than nine months of all kinds of feelings.  I felt moments of complete euphoria, and what seemed like … Continue reading