Three Keys to Leadership in 2014

Powering Up BEFORE the New YearLeadership

By Media Specialist and Business Coach Carmen Carrozza

What is a leader?  Are they born or made?  I can make this a little easier.  Leadership is determined by the right person in the right situation at the right time with the right skills.

Leaders in any area, whether It be in the military, in corporate or in politics have certain skills that make them affective-and often ineffective.  Becoming a great leader is up to your own inner talent and the ability to make personal adjustments.

There are many good musicians, but only so many virtuosos.  Leadership is the same as any other endeavor; you need that something extra to stand out.

Here are three clear attributes that can help you become an outstanding leader in any industry:

  1. Communication-Obvious right?  Not as much as you think.  It’s how you communicate, how often, and what your message is.  Speaking with your team as a group is important, but speaking to them individually is more important.   Clarity and consistency in delivering information can help the team stay focused and engaged.
  2. Execution- Do what you say.  Many times, the expectation is that what the leader says is not what is going to happen.  When you execute on your plan and take an active role in the implementation, you are seen as doer rather than a sayer.
  3. Decisions-Being decisive and be sure you do it in an acceptable time frame.  It is one of the most challenging skills for any leader.  There are always two or more directions you can go.  Will it be wrong?  Is one position more popular than another?  This one will distinguish you from the rest.

I have a list of over forty attributes for leadership.  These three are always on the top of the list.  You’ll need to have the right combination of the rest of them to seal your success!

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Fosbury Flop was Anything But!

We often get stuck doing what is expected or appropriate, and even sometimes step “Out of the box” without too much of an effect.

Well back in the early sixties, the world of high jumping was turned on its proverbial backside. Up until that time, the technique used in the high jump was to jump over the bar facing downward, then rolling over on your back as you landed. Over the hundred or years or so before that, jumpers used various styles that lead to the type used by almost all high jumpers up until that time.
Richard Fosbury Jumping High Bar for Olympic Record
Then came Dick Fosbury. Fosbury was in high school in Oregon, and was having a hard time breaking through as a high jumper. He tried the conventional methods and other variations, but was not where he wanted to be. He then started to experiment with a style that led him to going over the bar completely the opposite of the most used method of the time, head first, facing upwards and flinging his legs up and over to finish the jump.

Many made fun of Fosbury, even the newspapers that started to pay attention to him thought it looked like he was a fish flopping around.

Dick Fosbury kept working hard, determined to be successful. After high school he went to Oregon State University and won the NCAA title. Among other titles, he qualified for the USA Olympic team and became the high jump Olympic Champion.

Almost every high jumper since has incorporated the “Fosbury Flop” as their preferred style. He changed his sport forever, as athletes reached new heights of success.

So when you think you are too small or too new to change the world, think again. Don’t ever feel, because your idea is very different, or even seems a bit crazy to others, that it is not going to work.

Whenever you feel in your gut that your idea is possible, yet you are reluctant to move forward, remember Dick Fosbury.

3 Ways to Get the Most from Your Media Exposure

TV-Interview1-300x199 Whenever there is a guest you hear that is not recognizable on a show, what are your first thoughts?  Most of us listen, and then make a decision to keep on listening or change the channel within 10 to 30 seconds!

Does that mean the individual presenting does not know their information?  Or that they’re not prepared, or not an expert or not interesting?

Absolutely not!  Most likely the person you saw has a wealth of knowledge on the subject matter they were speaking on.  Yet there was a decision made to change the channel or walk away.  Why?

Speaking in public or more to the point presenting in public is challenging for many, especially to be effective.  Effective in this case means keeping folks interested enough to watch or stay tuned in.

Here are 3 simple was to keep them from changing the channel when it is you being interviewed:

  1. Speak with POWER - Vocalists practice using their diaphragm to breath and strengthen their voice.  Speakers do the same.  A strong speaking voice demonstrates confidence and energy!
  2.  Valuable CONTENT – People like to hear information that will affect them or help them.  Make sure every minute has some component that relates emotionally to your audience.
  3. CONTACT Info – Work your contact information, product or service into the discussion every few minutes.  You don’t want to sound like an infomercial, but you want to give listeners a chance to capture your info and not wait until the end to hear it.

As always, remember that your interview, whether it turns into a podcast or video-cast, is an ongoing promotional tool for you to use for as long as you want it. Make it valuable and entertaining to your listeners and you will hear from them!

A Time to Help and Give Thanks

 I can’t conceive of a giant force of wind with the power of 600 atomic bombs, swirling 200 miles an hour coming in view, never mind into my town. Watching the images of a tornado is horrifying, yet amazing to watch. When the unthinkable happens to our fellow Americans, it is heartbreaking. Many lost everything they owned in an instant.

I’m sure all of us are grateful for what we have, and many would like to help them in some way. An easy one is to give to the Red Cross by visiting their site, or text REDCROSS to 90999.
It reminds me to do my best every day; increase my knowledge, touch as many people I can, appreciate my family and have some fun.
The people of Oklahoma are unbelievably vibrant. They are positive and exude perseverance. You can only be inspired by them.
A reminder to appreciate every day, stay determined to overcome every obstacle that stands between you and your dreams, and realize all that we can offer to one another.

3 Quick Tips to Make Your Interview Rock!

When you get that opportunity for an interview, you can get programmed into thinking every interview has the same dynamic. You feel you can use the same notes, same style, and same energy to have a great interview. Not so, my MediaGuestConnect friends. Each host, show, and station has its own feel. And of course, often time a very different audience. What can you do to be sure your message comes across with clarity and value, especially when you have a busy schedule?  Here are three steps to take that get you prepared:Target Audience

1. Ask for the make up of the audience

2. Listen to the show, chat with the host

3. Construct your presentation to match up with the host and audience!

If you follow these steps every time, you will have interviews that are valuable today and as a podcast for years to come.  Remember, the message you want to deliver is key, it’s all about adapting to the environment you’re in!

Selling on Camera: MediaGuestConnect is a Hit!


Carmen with good friend Nanci Nemeth

I was excited to make my first trip to LA. My now friend, Sandra Dee Robinson, actress and entrepreneur, had a conference and MediGuestConnect was the register sponsor. Sandra’s event, Selling on Camera, brings inspiring presenters to an audience hungry for out of the box strategies and tools that will raise their game to a whole new level.

Whether writing a book, learning to get in front of the camera, or create marketing strategy for your business, you were inspired and motivated to get moving forward.

As a premier sponsor, I had conversations with so many passionate participants looking for positive direction.  Many are now members of MediaGuestConnect!

Attending these type of events are absolutely necessary for you to learn cutting edge strategies and new techniques that will grow your business and create greater profits.

The critical part, going back to your own world and do three things:

1. Prioritize what you learned and who will do what and when

2. Decide who will do what and when they will start

3.  Do it!  and continue to work at it

If you don’t, the event becomes a pleasant distant memory where little is put into practice that WOULD HAVE supported business growth.  Choose your events based on application to your present business situation, budget and time.  When you do participate, take advantage of your precious time and money.  Listening and meeting talented people is great; taking action upon your return is what will make a lasting impact!


Front and Center!

Promote-Yourself-In-MLMSelf-promotion is so obvious that it is a term that belongs in the past.  Today, anyone who has started a business, written a book or has expertise in any area should know that they need to be front and center to be successful.  Thinking small is no longer acceptable.  You have to “GO BIG” in any endeavor if you want it to be valuable to others; rewarding and profitable for you.

Understanding this will put you in the right place to move forward.  You have to be prepared for networking, interviews, along with making video and audio clips.  You have to truly believe you are the best spokesman for yourself or your business. What you have created is unique, and that’s what the world should hear.  Like anything else, there are skills and techniques to learn to be your best and stand out.

At MediaGuestConnect our goal is to make you famous.  Learning the craft of speaking in public, interviewing and creating videos takes work and practice. Even those who have performed and spoke in the media for years need to hone their craft. We want to be a major resource for the experienced and the novice to create more success.  Watch for our tips and tools along with those of our partners and friends, like

We are here to help you soar!  Make sure you take full advantage of what we have to offer.  Get your word out and know that what you say is Seen, Heard and Connecting to your audience!

5 Simple Ways to Move from Surviving to Thriving

5waysCreating a Focused Plan for Success

By Business Coach Carmen Carrozza

Sometimes we make such a commotion about the all of the things that are holding us back.  They can be simple or complex, but the effect is always the same; a drop in production leading to a negative hit on profits.

The reason for the stress normally leads back to one component, there is no plan in place.  A smart plan keeps you focused, builds confidence and shortens the space between an error and the solution.

Once you have your plan in place, you can move forward to your destiny, which is that which includes success, health and wealth!

Here are five simple keys to making the move from survival mode to thriving in any market!

1.  Assess – assess your day every day.  What went right today and what went wrong?  What could I and my team have done to stay true to our goals and objectives?

2.  Analyze – How could you have made improvements? What adjustments can you make tomorrow that will improve your business and life along with those of your team and clients?

3.  Keep an Eye on Your Competition.  There will always be key competitors and new ones entering the market looking to take market share from you.  Take a weekly view at what they are doing – their products, marketing, and branding so that you don’t have any surprises and you can leverage your knowledge to gain a competitive edge!

4. Communicate like a pro.  Making sure your team is on the same page as you keeps them motivated and engaged.  A strong team is one that has the most current information and feels they are each valued by the organization.

5.  Be a Change Agent.  Don’t be left at the gate every time.  With renewed confidence and trust in your vision, be at the forefront of innovation.

Dare to make changes in your life and business.  The longer you wait to make your move, the shorter the opportunity to stay in the race.

Want to learn more about leveraging your business, time and marketing to take you to the next level and beyond?  Contact me today at or visit us online at to discuss building the right plan for your future and family!

Grammy Award Presenters are Just Like You!

Little Lessons From An Old Classicgrammy

by Carmen Carrozza

When we watch any particular televised award ceremony, there may several reasons for it. Some of those reason are fashion driven, some are the fact that we want to see if our favorites win, or to see amazing performances.

What creates most of the stress and nerves for these wonderful stars? Standing in front of the mike and talking. For those that are presenters, the moment when they have to stand at the mike and speak can bring out their fears more than when they perform.

In fact, they are just like you and me. Same fears, same anxieties. When they are back stage, they take a deep breadth, close their eyes and pray.

So how do you overcome the gripping fear of speaking in public?  You will find all kinds of videos and blogs that will give you their “10 Easy steps to public speaking.”  The reality is, there is only one way to start to feel more comfortable, and that is practice.  Almost like every occupation or endeavor, you improve through consistent repetition and good coaching.

I’ve never met anyone that has completely overcome their fear before they go “On stage”.  Their key is to have the confidence in your subject matter.  There are many tactics, skills, and performance acumen that will help you along the way, with a good coach.

If you are serious about what you do, it is critical to get your message out in a compelling way.  So practice, practice, practice or this could be you!

3 Factors That Will Make Every Interview a Hit!

Success Strategies for Today’s Expertsinterview

by Carmen Carrozza

There are three very important groups that have skin in the game every time you do an interview:  First and always foremost, the audience, the station and host, and of course you.   As the appearance concludes, each group will consider three elements that are critical to the effect you have had on them.   If you have nailed these points down, chances are the show will want you back and you will feel confident that you have delivered your information just as you expected.  Given you have accomplished these two feats, the one that is at the core of all of our appearances is “What did the audience think?”

These are the three pillars to consider for every interview.  Nail them most of the time, and you are on your way to becoming a circuit star!

1.  Subject Matter-What are you speaking about that relates to them?  Will it help the listener take action, feel smarter, make them healthier, and have a positive effect on their mind and spirit?  Make sure all of that comes across in your language, facial expression and body language.

2.  Personality-People like to be entertained.  It’s important to have a great message.  They also want to feel something about you.  It’s impossible to please everyone, but this is not about pleasing, it is about drawing them to you as a believable, passionate human.  Be you and leave an impact, tell a story, be humble, and never feel you need to be defensive or desperate.

3.  Contact-Every moment today is fleeting.  You need to make it easy for folks to connect with you.  Make sure you work your contact information into your content, more than once.  This doesn’t mean to do a commercial.  What it means is work your contact information conspicuously as possible into the interview.  As you give the listener great content delivered with sincerity and energy, how do they find you?  Make it easy for them, or they will move on and you have lost an opportunity to impact more lives.

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