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Carmen Carrozza
Founder, MediaGuestConnect.com

We are so excited to bring you the most advanced library of talent ready to appear on any TV or Radio program anytime, anywhere!

My idea for creating MediaGuestConnect.com was to keep it simple, extremely user friendly, and above all, of great value to both potential guests and media outlets of any type.

With a background in financial retail sales, where I started at the bottom and became a senior executive, I get the importance of customer experience. Five years ago I decided to do what I felt I did best, help people become the best they could be. I became a business and life coach, which is extremely fulfilling for me and my coaching members.

A few years ago a radio station reached out to me to start a show, and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to share my expertise with an even broader audience. There was only one problem; I found it very challenging to find guests that fit the vision I had for my program. I started searching for guests online and became frustrated. A year and half later, MediaGuestConnect.com was born!

What is MediaGuestConnect.com? Simple. It is a powerful online portal that gives guests unlimited exposure to any network, station or program looking for folks from every field and expertise that can potentially connect well with their audience and demographic. We developed MediaGuestConnect.com to be the best site you ever use. As we grow, so will our site. We welcome your support, comments and ideas to drive ease and convenience. Our goal is to support and share! Most of all, we want to fulfill our commitment: Making great connections for our guests and media that have them both grow and prosper!

Mediaguestconnect.com is built to support the total
media community

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